I am a new mom of a beautiful 15 month old little girl named Braelyn. She is the best thing to happen to me and my partner. I had always had this image in my head that I would be able to stay at home with my kids and raise them how I wanted to, but in reality the end of my maternity leave was approaching quickly and we were in no financial state for me to stay at home.
For months, I was constantly battling with myself over; finding a new job that paid more money so I could give my daughter all the opportunities in life or finding a job where I worked fewer hours and made less money but was able to spend more time with my daughter.
It seemed impossible!
I had come to an impasse and I would have to choose time or money and so far my life had consistently seemed like I never had enough of either.
I searched for job opportunities day after day but could never quite find something that would balance out my work and home life. When I was given the opportunity to have that balance I jumped all over it.
This was exactly what I had been looking for!
Was I skeptical?? You better believe I was!
You see so many different approaches on how to make money from home or online, but this was different. There was no asking for money up front.
No yearly sign up fees. No monthly quotas to hit.
Yes, it was going to take time, work and effort to make this happen but what worth having doesn’t take those things.
I was willing to let go of my fears and take a chance on my dreams.
I could see by my friend’s updates and success that the team she had behind her was incredible. They were going to be there for her every step of the way while she achieved the goals she had once only dreamt of.
I was right! What I saw from her perspective is now my reality. The support I have received so far and the relationships I have built in such a short time are making this journey unforgettable and one of the best decisions of my life.
I could make a list of reasons why I started my own online business, but my main goal was to have more time with my daughter and family, while still financially being able to live the life I had always dreamed of.
I am so excited that I am finally turning my dreams into reality! 
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Amanda Squire